Amit Kumar Bardhan, Ph.D. (Operational Research)

Associate Professor

Faculty of Management Studies (FMS)

University of Delhi

Delhi 110007



Phone: (+91-11) 27666382-88 Extn. 346



Teaching in 2010-2011


     F-202: Management Science , MBA

     F-3404: Operations Research, MBA

     CC-102: Quantitative Methods, MBA - MS

     CC-203: Management Science, MBA - MS

     CC-202: Service Operations Management, MBA - MS

     H-202: Operations Research in Health Care, MBA - HCA

     102: Quantitative methods, MBA - PT

     202: Management Science, MBA - PT

     3404: Operations Research, MBA - PT



Research Interest


My research interests are in the areas of Software Reliability Engineering and Mathematical models in Marketing.


Useful Websites

University of Delhi and Faculty of Management Studies: and


Institute for Operations Research and Management Science (INFORMS):


Good place to get introduced to Operations Research:


e-magazine of INFORMS: