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Current Ph.D. Students






Mr. Ali Raza

M.Sc. in Forensic Science


Ali is developing analytical protocols for  analyzing various forensic samples of question documents and bio-adsorbents for water borne pollutant remediation.







Mr. Dinesh Gupta

M.Sc. in Iorganic Chemistry


Dinesh is synthesizing hydrotalcite and mesoporous materials and developing sustainable catalytic routes for  aerobic oxidation of biorenewable platform chemicals (HMF)  to furan-based diacids. Furan based cellulosic biomass derived diacids are potential to replace petroleum based terephthalic acid for next generation polyester production.





Mr. Sudipta De

M.Sc. in Iorganic Chemistry


Sudipta is synthesizing mesoporous nanoparticulate materials for (i) dehydration of cellulosic biomass carbohydrates to platform chemicals and subsequent hydrogenation and hydrogenolysis of furanics to biofuels.





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Md. Imteyaz Alam

M.Sc. in Chemistry


Imteyaz is developing efficient catalytic transformation of non-food biomass (weed, muchsooms, nio-waste) to useful value added chemicals.