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24 January 2048

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22 January 2048

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Welcome to Home Page of Prof. Bhikshu Satyapala
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Prof. Bhikshu Satyapala is renowned scholar of Buddhism with specialization in Abhidhamma Philosophy and associated with Department of Buddhist Studies, University of Delhi in the capacity of Professor. After completing the school career, he became monk at the age of 19 under the guidance of the great Vipassanācārya Ven. Rashtrapala Mahathera, the Founder President of Buddha Bharati at Siliguri (West Bengal) and Founder President of the International Meditation Centre at Buddha Gaya (Bihar). His religious and academic journey was directed by his drive and concern for Buddhist ideals of compassion and wisdom. His planning, vision and missionary zeal rooted in traditional and academic training of Pāli and Buddhist Studies has completed almost four decades. During the period, he earned his academic degrees and received training in Buddhist learning from various centers of Higher Buddhist Studies at Kolkata (W.B.), Bodhgaya, Nalanda, and Darbhanga (Bihar). He received M.Phil. and Ph.D. Degree in Buddhist Studies from the University of Delhi, in the year 1981 and 1987 respectively.

His scholarly contributions in the field of Påli Language, Grammar and Literature, Buddhist Philosophy, Abhidhamma Philosophy and Buddhist Psychology as well as Theravada Buddhist Eschatology had been highly acclaimed. Ever since 1981, he is an excellent teacher, research guide, organizer, editor and administrator. Throughout his distinguished teachings career of 29 years of the Department of Buddhist Studies, University of Delhi, he has supervised almost 50 Ph.D. and 66 M.Phil. scholars, including 6 Post Doctoral Research Scholars; published 12 books and more than 80 papers, on the various aspects of Buddhism in English, Hindi and Bengali; organized 9 International and 14 National seminars on various themes of Buddhist Studies; presented more than 50 seminar and conference papers including on Vietnamese Buddhism and edited four journals, including Journal of Buddhist Studies of the Department of Buddhist Studies, University of Delhi.