Training/Activities/Research Projects/Lectures delivered etc.




  • Attended Summer Institute on scientific and industrial applications of "Ore Microscopy" sponsored by University Grants Commission at Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, and May 20- June 9, 1984.
  • Attended UNESCO sponsored training on "Geothermal Exploration" under Indo-Italian Technical Co-operation program, Pisa, Italy. Nov.15, 1986 - June 30, 1987.
  • Workshop on Application of Phase Equilibria studies in Department of Geology, University of Delhi, and March 1991.
  • Training on computer applications in GIS mapping and remote sensing, at Rolta India Ltd. 1995.
  • Training in Datamine Geoexploration Software


Synergistic activities

Contributions to the science of learning (in last 5 years)

2006, Convener and Organizer, International Workshop and Field Work on Geology and Hazards in Eastern Himalaya Syntaxis and adjoining regions, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh

2004, Chairman, Session on Geomorphology and Environment, 19th Himalaya-Karakoram-Tibet  Workshop, Niseko, Japan

2002, Convener and Organiser, 17th Himalaya-Karakoram-Tibet Workshop, Gangtok, Sikkim, India

1999, Convener and Organiser, Genesis and Evolution of Geothermal Systems with special reference to the Mechanics of Magma Generation organized in collaboration with CHR-IIRG, Pisa, Italy and Delhi University.

1997, Convener and Organiser, Ist National Seminar on Geoenvironmental Indicators in India. Delhi University.

1997, Computer Laboratory Setup/Software Applications  in Geology


Membership and Services(in last five years)

2007, Expert Member, UGC Innovative Courses, SAP Projects etc.(upto Rs. Fifty lakhs), India

2006, Expert Member, UGC Minor Research Grant (upto Rs. One lakh), Northern India

2005, Expert Member, DST Group on Microzonation of Earthquakes in Delhi, Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India

2004, Member, Vision Committee, Department of Geology, University of Delhi

2004, Member, Co-ordination Committee, Himalaya-Karakoram-Tibet Workshop Series 

2001-2, Expert Member, Standing Technical Advisory Committee, Central Soil and Materials Research Station, Ministry of Water Resources, Govt. of India 

2001-2, Expert Member, R&D Review Committee, Central Soil and Materials Research Station, Ministry of Water  Resources, Govt. of India

1998-02, Expert Member, Dam Safety Review Panel, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh. 

1992-96, Expert, National Project Appraisal Committee, Major River Valley projects, Ministry of Environment,  Govt. of India

1996-02, Correspondent Member, Commission on Geological Sciences for environment planning, COGEOENVIRONMENT, Netherlands.

1998-02, President, Panchtatva, NGO for Environmental issues, Regd. Act 1860

1995-97, B.P. Koirala India-Nepal Foundation Fellow

1986-87, UNESCO Fellow under Indo-Italian 1986-1987. Technical Co-operation program in Italy.


Research Projects (In last 5 years) worth more than Rs. One Crore ($ 250, 000) :

2005-8,   Three Years,  Geomorphology and Geodynamics of Metamorphic rocks of Arunachal Pradesh (DCS, DST, Rs. 7.6 Lakhs approx.)

2004-7,   Three Years, Subsurface Geotechnical and Tectono- Geomorphologic Studies in relation to SeismicityHydrology for underground planning and Development of National Capital Territory Region of Delhi  ( Seismology Div. DST Rs.81 Lakhs approx.)

2005-8,  Three Years, Geological and Geochemical mapping of Arsenic contamination of Groundwater in Central Indian Province with special reference to seasonal and temporal variation of arsenic level in relation to public health hazards (Major Projects UGC, Rs. 5.45 Lakhs.Approx.)

2005-6,   Two Years, DST-NSF Proposal  Investigations of activity along MCT: Present Geomorphology and Past Slip (DST-grant approx. Rs. 5 lakhs., NSF-grant approx. Rs. 36 Lakhs.)

2002-6  Three Years, Study on Alkali-Silica Reaction in strained Quartz bearing aggregates including remedial measures and its impact on stability/durability of the Hydraulic structures. Ministry of Water Resources (Rs. 33 Lakhs. Approx.)

1996-99, The  study  of  K-rich  syenites  and  related  rocks  in  Sikkim and  Western  Nepal, lesser   Himalayas, B.P.Koirala India-Nepal Foundation. (Rs.2.37 Lakhs.)


Reviewer responsibility

2005-6 Preview of geological and Nature UGC  Media films, CEC

 2002-6 Projects from Department of Science and Technology

1992-96, Assessment and Review of Reports on "Environmental Clearance (Geological Expertise)", of  Various Hydroelectric and River Valley Projects to Ministry of Environment and forests, Govt. of India.

1986-05 Central Soil and Material Research Station. Ministry of Water resources government of  India. (This includes the petrographic and geochemical investigation and advise of rocks and sand samples for  use as construction material in various River Valley Projects.


Collaborations & Other Affiliations

(i) Collaborators

E.J. Catlos and Richard Marston(Oklahoma State University), M.A. Edwards (Technische Universitaet Bergakadamie Freiberg), T. Mark Harrison (Australian National University) An Yin (University of California, LA), Tom Kelty ( California Instiyute of Technology), Igor Villa (Bern University), Megh Raj Dhittal (Tribhuvan University), Himalayan Geology and Geochronology M. Puxeddu (IIRG-Pisa, Italia), G. Gianelli (IIRG-Pisa, Italia), Geothermal exploration, S. K. Tandon (Delhi University), S.P. Singh (Bundelkhand University), P.K. Verma (Delhi University),


Special/Popular Lectures delivered

  • EIA and EMP of three Hydro Electric Projects in Sikkim Himalayas; A Consultants view, Oklahoma State University (OSU), USA, 2005

  • Soils and Environment: Delhi University to Professors of Life sciences UG courses, Sri Vankateswara college, 2005

  • Lectures on Himalayan geology and Environmental Impacts, School of Geology, Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma, USA, April, 2005 7        

  • Lecture on Petrographic Studies (Mineralogical and Textural) related to Alkali-Silica relations at  training course on Concrete Technology for Water Resources   Structures organized by CSMRS, New Delhi during February 14  18, 2005 at CSMRS, Delhi

  • Lecture on Geothermal Energy at Power Management Institute (PMI), NTPC, Noida Power Management Institute (PMI), NTPC,NOIDA (UP).July, 2004

  • Seismicity and Landslides in Himalayas and its comparison to Albroz-Zagros Mountains in Iran, Min. of Sc. And Technology, Tehran, Iran, 2004.

  • Lectures on Himalayan studies and its relation to Albroz Mountains, at Disaster Research Institute and Ministry of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran. 2004.

  • Lecture on Geology and Seismo-tectonic studies in parts of Garhwal and Himachal Himalayas and its relation to erosion and Landsliding, University of California, Los Angeles, USA, June, 2003

  • Geology and Seismo-tectonics of Tehri Dam Region, Garhwal Himalaya, Feb. 2003, in DST training programme on Seismic microzonation of Hilly areas co-ordinated by CDMM, Chennai and CBRI, Roorkee.

  • Metals and Mineral related Incidences and spatial/temporal distribution of human diseases with special reference to INDIA, in Feb, 2003 to Graduate students of Environmental Chemistry in KM College, Delhi University.

  • Landslide Susceptibility mapping-Present and Future Applications in India, in Nov. 2002 in Workshop of  Scott-Wilson Kilpatrick Co. Kathmandu, Nepal.

  • How to build your own PC in March 2000 in the orientation program of Lecturers of Delhi University Colleges in CPDHE.

  • Internet and its Applications in Geology with special reference to databases/shareware software's and important geological sites, 1999, delivered to lecturers from Indian Universities at Vth Numerical Methods and Computer Modeling in Petrology Workshop, Delhi University.

  • Geochemical Pollutants, Industrial Effluents and Human Health (Metals and Mineralogical Hazards). 1998, Centre for Professional Development in Higher Education (CPDHE), Delhi University delivered to Senior lecturers of Chemistry from Indian Universities.

  • Natural and Manmade Hazards (Metallurgical and Mineralogical Hazards), 1999 to M.Sc students of Environmental Biology, Delhi University.

  • Geological and Environmental Studies in Sikkim Himalayas, India, Pisa, Italy delivered to Professors and Researchers in International Institute of Geothermal Research and University of Pisa, Italy

  • Geothermal Resources of India and future prospects, 1987, Kirori Mal College, Delhi University

  • Special Lectures on Geology, 1987-88 to Bachelor of Engineering Students in Delhi College of Engineering, Delhi.



Papers Presented In Seminars, Symposia and Conferences


  1. The structure and metamorphics of Rangpo-Gangtok area, Sikkim presented at North Eastern Hills Conference, held at Dimapur, India, 1982.
  1. Development and Role of Geothermal Resources in India presented at 1st UNDP/UNITAR workshop on small Geothermal Energy resources held at Tirrenia, Italy, May 11-22, 1987.
  1. Geothermal Resources in India-Scope of future Utilization presented at International Symposium on Geothermal Energy held in Kummamoto-Beppu, Japan 1988. Extended abstract published in Symposium volume. 
  1. Metamorphism and mineral chemistry of chloritoid bearing assemblages in Sikkim Eastern Himalayas. IGC-92 Kyoto, Japan, (financed by DST and University of Delhi).
  1. Geology and Geochemistry of Potassic syenites from Sikkim, Eastern Himalayas. Himalayan Geology Symposium (September, 3-8, 1992) Matsue, Japan.
  1. Porphyroblast Growth and Chemical Zoning of Garnets in relation to P-T-t paths in Eastern Himalayas, India.  In Kathmandu, Nepal. 1993  (financed by B.P.Koirala India-Nepal Foundation, Nepal Government.).
  1. Mineral Chemistry of Metapelites and Metabasites in relation to P-T-t paths of Sikkim Eastern Himalayas.  In  Ascona,  Switzerland  4th to 10th April 1995, (financial support by           Organizers and INSA)
  1. Jal Vayu Parivartan Ke Karan Aur Prabhav - Ek Samalochana in Rashtriya Shabdavali Karyashala: Ek Sangoshthi, 28th to 30th Nov. 1995. NCSTT, Delhi.
  1. Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of K-Rich Syenites from Sikkim, Eastern Himalaya-Evidences of Anarogenic Activity below Main Central Thrust.  24-26 March, 1999 at  Kloster Ettal Germany , 14th Himalayan-Karakoram-Tibet Workshop.
  1. Geological Studies of Metamorphic rocks in the vicinity of M.C.T/ Lesser Himalayan Shear Zone, parts of Sikkim Himalayas, 15th HKT Workshop, China.
  1. Geology and Morphotectonics of a part of Lesser Garhwal Himalaya, (Tehri-Uttarkashi Distt.) using  remote sensing and GIS techniques, Austria.
  1. Geologic materials and Hydrological processes related Incidences and spatial/temporal distribution of human diseases with special reference to INDIA, Indian Science Congress, Bangalore (Key Note Paper) 2002.
  1. MCT duplex formation in the Sikkim, accepted in 18th HKT, Switzerland, Ascona 2003.
  1. Seismicity related neotectonic activity, uplift and erosion of Lesser Himalaya in between MCT and MBT: Signature of detachment thrust, accepted in 18th HKT, Switzerland, Ascona 2003.
  1. Active Seismicity and out of sequence thrusting; modification of channel flow model in the vicinity of MCT, Lesser Himalayas, 19th HKT, Niseko, Japan, July, 2004


Recent Thesis Advisor

Ph. D Thesis

A. C. Pandey (2001) on Geology and Morphotectonics of a part of Lesser Garhwal Himalaya (Tehri-Uttarkashi districts) using Remote Sensing and GIS techniques, Delhi University

M. Chaudhry (in-progress) on Surface and Subsurface Geology of Delhi.

M. Sharifikia (in progress) Disaster mitigation studies in Delhi and Iran

Tajbaksh  (in progress) Geological studies in Relation to Orographic precipitation in Sikkim Himalayas

Dericks Praise Shukla (in progress) Multi-disciplinary Application of RS and GIS in Hydrogeochemical studies for ground water management, monitoring and mitigation of Arsenic contaminated ground water in Central India.

Ningthoujam Pahari Singh (in progress) "Study of Melange Zone in Eastern Parts of Manipur and Nagaland"

Bishambhar Singh (New) Exhumation and uplift patterns in parts of Eastern Himalayas(Arunachal Pradesh)


M.Phil Dissertation

M.C. Ghildiyal (1994) on Application of cartographic modeling, global positioning system, Remote Sensing in structural geology & hydrogeology in National Capital Territory of Delhi.

Akhilesh Akhori (1996) on Study of Hydrogeology, Soil and Land-use pattern in Ranchi and its adjoining Environs.

Aditya Sirohi (1996) on Geoenvironmental Polluting Systems of Faridabad area, Faridabad Distt. Haryana.