Visits Abroad
  1. Italy -International   School  of  Geothermics,  Pisa,  Italy  on  training  in  Geothermal      Exploration  under   UNESCO   sponsored  Indo-Italian  technical  Co-operation program (1986-87)
  2. Japan -Paper presented in International symposium on Geothermal Energy held in Kummamoto-Beppu November 10-14 1988 & Kyoto-Matsue, 24 August to 8 September 1992.
  3. Nepal -Paper presented in 9th Himalayan - Tibet - Karakoram Workshop held in Kathmandu, April 1994.
  4. Switzerland -Paper presented in 10th Himalayan-Tibet-Karakoram Workshop held in Ascona, Switzerland from 4-10 April, 1995.
  5. Germany -Paper presented in 14th Himalayan-Tibet-Karakoram Workshop held in Kloster Ettal, Germany from 24-26 March 1999.
  6. Italy -Lecture delivered on Geological and Environmental Studies of Sikkim Himalayas at IIRG, Pisa, on 28th March 1999.
  7. China -Paper presented in the 15th HKT Workshop held in Chengdu, China, on 22-24th April, 2000
  8. Austria -Paper presented in the 16th HKT Workshop held in Graz, Austria, on 3-6th April, 2001
  9. Switzerland-Paper presented in the 18th HKT Workshop held in Ascona, Switzerland, on 2-4th April, 2003.
  10. USA- Lecture  on Geological and Seismic Studies in parts of Garhwal and Himachal Himalayas at University of California, Los Angeles, June, 2003
  11. Iran-Lectures at Ministry of Science and Technology and Institute for Disaster Management, 29th May-8th June, 2004.
  12. Japan-Chaired Session and presented paper in the 19th HKT Workshop held in Niseko, Japan, July, 2004
  13. USA-Lecture and analytical studies on Cameca Ion Probe 1270 and EPMA at ESS, UCLA and School of Geology, OSU, April, 2005
  14. USA-Analytical studies on Cameca Ion Probe 1270 and EPMA at ESS, UCLA and School of Geology, OSU, June, 2006