Ph.D. Students and their research topics

1. Eeshankur Saikia : Simulation of Convection in Stellar Interiors (Awarded in 2004)

2. Arvind Ranade: A Near-Infrared Stellar Spectral Library (Awarded in 2008)

3. Partha Sarthy Pal: On Behaviour of Convection in Sun-like Stars (Awarded in 2010)

4. Kopal Gupta: Complexity Measures of Chaotic Time Series and their Application (Awarded in 2010)

5. Subhash Kumar: Waves and Instabilities in Relativistic & Non-relativistic Plasma (Awarded in 2012)

6. Sukanta Deb: Study of Light Curves of some Variable Stars (Awarded in 2012)

7. Vinita Suyal: Time Series Analyses of Astrophysical Time Series Data (Awarded in 2013)

8. Sonali Sachdeva: An investigation of galaxy morphology tools and application to high redshift galaxies (Awarded in 2016)

9. Kaushal Sharma: Analysis of Stellar Spectra (Awarded in 2017)

10. Nagender Mishra: Dynamics of Neuronal Networks (Awarded in 2017)

11. Anupam Bhardwaj: Light Curve Analysis of Variable Stars (Awarded in 2017)
12. Arti Joshi : Multiwavelength Study of Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables (Awarded in 2019)

13. Susmita Das (ongoing): Light Curve Structure of Variable Stars and its Applications (Submitted in 2021)
14. Richa Kundu (ongoing) :A Study of Variable Stars using Photometric Archival Data (Submitted in 2022)

15. Nitesh Kumar (ongoing): Automotaed Analysis of Photometric & Spectroscopic Astronomical Data (ongoing)