Imran Ghani
Sr. System Programmer
Delhi University Computer Centre
University of Delhi
University-Wide ICT Network
64 colleges of Delhi University are interconnected. These colleges are located in different parts of Delhi, even some colleges are 20-25 kilometers away from main campus. We used Opticat Fiber Cable (OFC) and Radio Frequency (RF) Links between to connect colleges  with main  campus. To see the presentation  click following link:

Creating Database with MS Access
MS Access is a powerful and easy to use database software. See the presentation and learn step-by-step how to create a database with MS Access. Using this  software you may build a database for your official and personal use use such as; Payrolls, Inventory, CRM database, Address book, Photo Album or Inventory for your home.
PC Security and Maintenance
Computer security and maintenance is not an add-on or something external, it is part of everything you do with your computer. Only a little awareness and right practice is required to maintain and manage security of your personal computer. To know how, click bellow.
Computer Basics
This presentation is designed to provide essential computer knowledge and  skills  required in today's digital word. It  will also help you to the basic  terminology associated with computers.

Word Processing using MS Word
MS Word is a full-featured and most popular word processing applications. Using MS Word, you can write letters, prepare your project reports and thesis, prepare office stationary- letter heads, envelopes, forms etc., design brochures, pamphlets, newsletters, magazines etc.

Using MS Outlook 2003
Today e-mail became main tool for the business communication. To manage your e-mail effectively on/off line you may use MS Outlook 2003. To know how to use MS Outlook click link bellow.