The Department of Library and information Science instituted in 1946 under the Faculty of Arts by the two eminent library science scholars namely Padamashree (late) Dr. S.R. Ranganathan (1892-1972), National Research Professor (1965-1972) in library science and the (late) Prof. S. Das Gupta (1912-1966) the first Delhi University Librarian and Professor Head Department of Library and Information Science, University of Delhi. The Department become the first LIS school to provide formal education and research in the India at various levels i.e., Bachelor of Library and Information Science (1948) Earlier known as Diploma in Library Science and Bachelor of Library Science), Mater of Library and Information Science (1956), Master of Philosophy (1976), and Doctor of Philosophy (1957).  The Department during the past 67 years of its glorious existence has played a significant role in the LIS education and research in the country. Already about 3410 students have taken their Library Science degree from the Department. Out of whom about 2150 students obtained Postgraduate Diploma in Library Science/ Bachelor’s degree in Library Science; 1050 Master’s degree in Library Science / Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science; 145 M. Phil. Degree and 65 Ph.D degrees in Library and Information Science.