Since the last twenty-two years, I have been closely associated with the Library and Information Science profession and am presently working as Associate Professor and Co-ordinator in the Department of Library and Information Science, University of Delhi, Delhi, since 2001 and have enormously contributed to the LIS teaching, training, and research programmes. Having been born in an agrarian family and it was my good fortune that I completed my post graduation in Agricultural Sciences and was awarded a gold medal for securing the highest marks. To achieve a single-point goal to become an Indian Forest Officer (IFS) I came to the Library of Delhi University in the year 1994 for the sole purpose of sitting and studying inside the library, however, the rules do not permit me to sit inside the library as I was not a bonafide member of the library. It was on the recommendation of somebody who mentioned that on the Second Floor of the reading room i.e., Tutorial Building, there is a Library and Information Science Department, where I should go and take admission in order to avail the reading facility thus fulfilling my dream. I acted accordingly and got admission easily as I had attained distinction marks in my post graduation examination which turned out to be a turning point of my career.


While attending the initial classes in the LIS, I found that classes were extremely interesting, informative, disciplined, well-organized, full of fun, joy along with rewards and of course the overburden of assignments. Literally, the style of teaching and the mode of instruction in the Department during that time with the likes of great teachers like Prof. C.P. Vashistha, Prof. J.L. Sardana Prof. P.B. Mangla, Prof. Krishan Kumar and Prof. (Mrs.) SP Singh transformed my mindset and became a useful tool to retain and peruse my studies and build up a career in the area of LIS, especially the guidance, inspired words, motherly love and affection of my most respected teacher i.e., Prof. (Mrs.) SP Singh. After completing my post graduation from this prestigious Department, there was an official marriage between my academic education in the field of agriculture and professional education in the library and information science. The significance heralded certainly and I would like to happily quote and share: Recipients of ICAR-JRF (Agriculture) as well as UGC-NET/JRF in (LIS); Class-one service position in ICAR (as Head Library Services) and Lectureship in (LIS) in the parental department, University of Delhi; Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) on Information Seeking Behaviour in agriculture under the Emeritus Prof. MP Satija, a world icon of Classification in the profession; and of course my first academic work in form of book which was published from Germany entitled, “Glimpses of Indian Agricultural Education and Information Use: Soul To Rural Indian Economy. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing: Theodor-Heuss-Ring, Köln, Germany. (

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