Courses Taught/Teaching

M.Sc. - Botany

Course VIII: Plant Ecology Annual system

Course 202  Systematics, Evolution and Environmental Sciences

Course 304 Principles of Ecology

Course 402 Agroecology

M.Sc. - Environmental Biology

Course V: Organismal and  Population Ecology

Course VI: Community Ecology, Ecosystem Dynamics and Modeling

M.A./M.Sc. - Environmental Studies

Paper 1. Introduction to Environmental Sciences

Paper 3. Environment, Development & Sustainability

Paper 4. Methodologies for Environmental Studies

Paper 5. Environmental Impact and Risk Assessment

Paper 10 (M.Sc.). Natural & Managed Ecosystems 

Paper 19 (M.A.). Global Environmental Issues

M.Phil. - Environmental Studies

Course III: Ecological Economics

M.Phil. - Botany

Population Biology

Ecological Adaptation

Ph.D. Coursework Botany

Methods for field biology


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