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IRISS 2017: 11th Inter-Research-Institute Student Seminar in Computer Science
January 20, 2017 (Kolkata)

In continuation with IRISS conferences held earlier (2002: IISc, 2003: IIT Delhi, 2004: IIT Bombay, 2005: IIT Kanpur, 2006: IIT Madras, 2007: IIIT Hyderabad, 2009: IIT Guwahati, 2014: IIT Delhi, 2015: BITS Goa, 2016: Trivandrum) ACM India announces IRISS 2017 that will be held on January 20, 2017 in Kolkata.

IRISS invites CS- research scholars in India to showcase their (published/accepted, attach proof of acceptance) work to a conclave of researchers and potential employers. The event hosts oral as well as poster presentations.The submissions will go through a program committee and selected papers will be invited for oral/poster presentation. Partial funding will be provided to the selected submissions.

As the event is co-located with the ACM India Annual Event 2017 where-in Turing Award winners are invited to deliver talks on their work, participants of IRISS get a unique opportunity to listen to them and interact with them.

Important Dates:

Last Date for Submission:
October 05, 2016      Deadline Extended: October 15, 2016
Author Notification: October 25, 2016      Notification Date Extended: November 11, 2016
Format of Paper: Same as the Published/Accepted Paper. No specific format for IRISS.

Email ID:
Form: IRISS 2017 (You are also required to fill the form.)
Submission Closed.

Following is the list of candidates shortlisted for oral presentation:

1.   Raksha Sharma Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
2.   Palash Dey Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
3.   Anil Shukla The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai
4.   Aditya Joshi Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
5.   Sankardeep Chakraborty Institute of Mathematical Sciences
6.   Ankit Anand Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
7.   Yashoteja Prabhu Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
8.   Anup Bhattacharya Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
9.   Abhijit Mishra Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
10. Vishwesh Jatala Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
11. Shahbaz Khan Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
12. Anoop Kunchukuttan Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
13. Amit Gurung National Institute of Technology Meghalaya
14. Sukarn Agarwal Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
15. Shounak Chakraborty Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
16. Sudhanshu Shukla Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Following is the list of candidates for poster presentation. Poster size is A1 (23.39" x 33.11").
List of Candidates for Poster Presentation


Registration fees for IRISS 2017 is INR 1000 + service tax of INR 150/-. ACM India will be arranging free accommodation (for two nights 19th and 20th Jan 2017) for all the research scholars attending IRISS 2017. ACM will also provide a travel reimbursement of maximum INR 5,000 against actual tickets/vouchers/invoices. ACM India is also glad to provide free registration to all scholars for the ACM India Annual Event which is scheduled on January 21, 2017 (Details on

Pleas register on the below link (link will be active soon):


IRISS participants are requested to arrange their own travel for attending IRISS 2017 at Kolkata. ACM India will reimburse the travel claims at actuals subject to maximum INR 5,000/- per participant. Please submit your travel claim in the prescribed form (Reimbursement Form) along with copies of bills/tickets before leaving the venue.

  • 09:30-11:00 Inauguration and Key-Note
  • 11:00-11.30 Tea Break
  • 11:30-01:30 Paper Presentations by PhD Students
  • 01:30-02:30 Lunch + Posters
  • 02:30-03:30 Presentation by Doctoral Dissertation Award Winner
  • 03:30-04:00 Tea Break
  • 04:00-05:30 Industry Presentations.
TPC Members:

Neelima Gupta (DU, Chair) (
Naveen Garg (IIT Delhi)
A D Dileep (IIT Mandi)
Komondoor Raghavan (IISc)
Venkata Ramana Badarla (IIT Jodhpur)
Madhavan Mukund (CMI, Chennai)
Manisha Bansal (IP College, DU)
Bharat M. Deshpande (BITS, Pilani, Goa)