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Elemental Analysis


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Journals (abstract &/or contents page, electronic, etc.)

·   Africa Journals on line

·   Chemical Journal on internet

·   Chemistry Preprint Server

·   International Journal for the Philosophy of Chemistry

·   Internet Journal of Chemistry

·   Japan Science & Technology electronic Journals

·   Journals on-line (ChemWeb)

·   by American Chemical Society by Elsevier, Pergamon

·   by Royal Society of Chemistry

·   by Springer, Kluwer & Chapman and Hall by Wiley-VCH

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  Article Alerts (ChemWeb)

  Database Alerts (ChemWeb)

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·   ChemJobs (ChemCenter )


·   Nextwave



·   Science in Africa

·   South African

·   The African Employment Space 

Useful Lab Syntheses & Techniques 

Classic Organic Reactions

  Microscale Gas synthesis


Search Engines

· Ananzi (SA Search Engine)

· Various SA Search Engines

· CS ChemFinder

· CAS, patents, abstracts

· Chemcyclopedia

· ChemCenter Meeting Locator


· PSIgate (Physical Sciences Information Gateway)

· Scientific & Technical Information (OSTI)


· Several Chemistry

· Yahoo Chemistry Index



  Electrochemistry Dictionary

  HPLC Doctor

  Spectroscopic Tools (nmr, ms, ir )

 Jumpstations & Springboards

  Claessen's Chemistry Index


  The Scientific Web

  The Analytical Chemistry Springboard

  The Open Science Project: Chemistry


Miscellaneous Helpful Links: Chemistry

·  Africa Analytical Chemistry Web

·  ChemCenter

·  Chemdex

·  ChemWeb

·  General Chemistry Online (Frostburg State U.)

·  Lenntech Periodic Table (incl. health & environmental aspects)

·  Links for Chemists (U. Liverpool)

·  Spectroscopy Now

·  The Home Page for Chemists

·  The African Virtual University

List of International Chemistry Departments Worldwide (Click here)

Data Bases

  The African Digital Library (Free in Africa)

  ChemWeb Databases

  Chemical Industry Database (ChemCompass )

  Chemical Industry Supplier Directory

  Combined Chemical Dictionary (CCD)

  Combinatorial and Medical Chemistry Glossary

  Highwire Journal search

  Journal Title Abbreviations

  MolBank (experimental data )

  NIMIC Spectral Data (nmr, ms, ir, Raman, esr )

  NIST Chemistry WebBook

  PowBase (XRD data base )


Free Software & Plugins

  ACD/ChemSketch 5 (3D drawing chemical structures)

  ACD/SpecViewer (viewer & presentation of all spectra)

  ACD/Cnmr & Hnmr Viewers

  Adobe Acrobat Reader (viewer needed for Journals)

  ISIS/Draw & Chime (drawing chemical structures)

  IUPAC Naming software




Chemical Companies & Catalogues: (includes data sheets/MSDS)

  Bayer SA

  Cambridge Isotope Laboratories

  CND Isotopes

  Fischer Scientific

  Johnson Matthey




  Sigma, Aldrich, Fluka, Supelco

  Wirsam Scientific & Precision Equipment


Miscellaneous Helpful Links: Other

  Engineering News

  Electronic books (eBooks)


  The Mbendi African site

  Multivariate Statistics: A Practical Guide

  Science in Africa (on-line magazine)

 Lecture notes, tutorials, study topics, etc.

Basic Liquid Chromatography, (Y. Kazakevich's book)

Chemistry Problem Sets (Widener U.)

Global Instructional Chemistry

Molecular Modelling (Henry Rzepa, Imperial College


Nmr spectroscopy (Henry Rzepa, Imperial College)


Periodic Tables (


Significant Figures Tutorial (UCLA Berkeley)


Spectroscopy (Sheffield Hallam U.)


Surface Chemistry (Queen Mary College)


Tanner's Topics - General Chemistry

The basics of NMR (J.P. Hornak's book)


The Organometallic HyperTextBook

The Virtual Classroom

WebSectra (Interperating IR & NMR spectra)(UCLA)


XRD internet course