Past and Present Group Members

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Ph.D. Students:


Niladri Roy Chowdhury Roughness Power Spectrum Based Theories for Chronopotentiometry, Impedance and Intensity Modulated Photocurrent Spectroscopy: E, EC and Ead


(Registration: 24Jan 2014)


Jasmin Kaur

Theoretical Models in Nanoelectrochemical Systems


(Registration: 24Jan 2014)


Neha Goswami

Theories for Electrochemical Impedance Response of Solid State Electrolytes and Li Ion Batteries


(Registration: 24Feb 2015)



Theoretical Models for Transport in Soft Materials

(Registration: 6Jan 2016)


Manish Kumar

Theoretical Models for Dynamically Rough and Heterogeneous Electrodes

(Registration: 9Dec 2016)


Gaurav Kumar Mishra

Theoretical Models for Deadsorption Dynamics of Branched Polymers

(Registration: 9Dec 2016)


Himanshi Goel

Theoretical Models for Semiconductor/Electrolyte Interfaces

(Registration: 8Nov 2017)



Research Associate and Postdoctoral Fellows:


Dr. Shweta Dhillon (2015-Sept 2016)

D S T Project Fellow



Dr. Neetu Sharma (March 2014-Sept 2016)

D S T Project, Research Associate



Dr. Indu Pandey (April 2014- March 2015)

D S Kothari Fellow (UGC)



Dr. Maibam Birla Singh (Oct. 2013- Jan. 2014)

D S T Project Fellow



Dr. Dolly Vijay (Nov 2014- May 2016)

Inspire Faculty Fellow (DST)



Former Ph.D. Students:


Divya Katyal

Theoretical Models for the Dynamics of Star, Dendrimer and Comb-of-Comb Polymers in Random and Shear Flows


(Registration: 2Feb 2012; Thesis submitted: May 2017)


Ratnesh Kumar

Electrochemical Investigation of Power Spectrum Based Theories on Rough Pt Electrodes: E, EC', EE and EDL Response


Current position: Assistant Professor, Kisan College, Magadh University.

(Registration: 28Oct 2011; Thesis submitted, April 2017)


Dr. Parveen

Theories of Pulse Voltammetries on Rough Electrodes: Reversible Charge Transfers and Coupled Catalytic Reaction


Current position:Teaching, University of Delhi.

(Registration:21Oct 2010; Ph.D. Viva Voce, Feb 2017)


Dr. Shweta Dhillon

Spatially Resolved Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy and Chronoamperometry on Disordered Electrodes:

Theory, Experiment and CV - SEM Method


Current position:Teaching, University of Delhi.

(Registration:27Oct 2010; Ph.D. Viva Voce, Dec 2016)


Dr. M. Sarathbabu

Electrochemical Studies on Rough Glassy Carbon Electrodes in Room Temperature Ionic Liquids: Experimental Validation of Theories


Current position: Assistant Professor at Gargi College, University of Delhi.


Dr. Shruti Srivastav

Modeling for Chronoamperometry, Chronocoulometry, Potential and Light Modulated Admittance at Stochastically Rough Electrode in Moderately Supported Conditions


Current position: Product Specialist, COMSOL Inc., Sweden

Earlier: Postdoctoral work at Angstrom Laboratory, Uppsala University, Sweden

(Registration:3Nov 2008; Ph.D. Viva Voce: March 2014)


Dr. Maibam Birla Singh

Mathematical Modeling of Electric Double Layer Phenomena in Nanostructured and Rough Interfaces


Current position: DST Inspire Faculty Fellow, Manipur University and NIT Manipur.

Earlier: Postdoctoral work at CSIRO, Bradfield, Lindfield, Australia(2014); Krietman Fellow, National Solar Energy Center, Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. (2014-2015)

(Registration:19Sept 2007; Ph.D. Viva Voce 2013)


Dr. Md. Merajul Islam

Theoretical Models for Spectroelectrochemical Absorbance and Chronocoulometeric Transients under Potentiostatic Condition on Rough Electrodes


Current position: Teaching, University of Delhi.

Earlier: Research Associate, IIT, Delhi

(Registration:19Sept 2007; Ph.D. Viva Voce 2012)


Dr. Rajesh Kumar

Theoretical Models for Diffusion, Reaction and Adsorption Admittance of Rough Electrodes


Current position: Teacher, Haryana

(Registration:22Sept 2006; Ph.D. Viva Voce 2011)


Dr. Shweta Bhandari (Ph.D. 2010)

Electrochromic Poly-3,4-(ethylenedioxythiophene) Thin Films: Syntheses and Characterization


Current position: Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Punjab University, Chandigarh.


Dr. Shailendra Kumar Jha (Ph.D. 2009)

Mathematical and Numerical Modeling of Redox Reaction on Fractally Rough Electrode


Current position: Scientist at CECRI, CSIR, Karaikudi.


Dr. Rajiv Kumar Singh (Ph.D. 2008)

Synthesis, Characterization and Charge Transport of Poly(3-hexylthiophene) and its

Composites with Functionalized Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes for Photovoltaic Applications


Current position: Scientist at NPL, CSIR, Delhi.


M. Phil. Students:


Vivek Kumar Yadav (M.Phil. 2004-05)

Role of Self-affine Fractal Roughness in Reversible Charge Transfer Admittance (2005)


Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow at U. Penn, Ph.D. from I.I.T., Kanpur.


Abhishek Sangal (M.Phil. 2006-07)

Diffusion Limited Current Density Distribution on Weierstrass-Mandelbrot Random Surfaces (2007)


Current position: Graduate Student at University of Kentucky, Lexington


Summer or Short Project Students:


Deepali Butani (2004-05)

Project:-Current Density on Fractal Surfaces

Current position: Pursuing Ph.D. in Chemistry at Texas Tech. Univ., Lubbock


Sivasubramaniam Iyer (2006)

Project:-Simulation of Fractal Surfaces

Current position: Pursuing Ph.D. in Chemistry at IIT, Bombay


Samudra Sengupta (2006)

Project:- Models of Hydrogels

Current position: Graduate Student at Penn State Univ. in Chemistry Dept.


S. M. Asher (2006)

Project:- Dynamics of Polymer Networks


Dhiraj Kumar (2006)

Project:- Electric Double Layers near Fractal Surfaces

Current position: Pursuing M.Tech. at Amity Univ.


Hemant Kumar (2006)

Project:- Free Energy Calculations for Membranes of Arbitrary Topology

Current position: Pursuing Ph.D. at NPL, Delhi


Shruti Srivastav (2008)

Project:- Ohmic Losses in Rough Electrodes


Jagriti (2009-2010)

Project:- Artificial Muscles


Parveen (2010)

Theories of Linear Scan and Cyclic Voltammetry


Shweta Dhillon (2010)

Theories of Square Wave Voltammetry


Ravi Kumar Srivastav (2011)

Theoretical Electrochemistry


Ratnesh Kumar (2011)

Experimental Electrochemistry of Disordered Electrodes


Manisha Arya (2012-13)

Galvanostatic Methods for Rough Electrodes


Niladri (2012)

Theory of Heterogeneous Electrodes


Jasmin (2012)

Investigation of Rough Optically Transparent Electrodes


Neha Goswami (2014)

Heterogeneous Electrodes


Ruchika (2015-16)

Modeling Solid State Li ion batteries


Sumedha Jain (May-June 2015), Amity Univ.

Simulating Electrochemical Systems Using COMSOL


Shruti Arora (2015-2016), Delhi University

Simulating Electrochemical Systems Using COMSOL

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