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Awarded American Society for Microbiology ( ASM)

Prof Rup Lal was awarded American Society for Microbiology ( ASM) Moselio Schaechter Distniguished Service Award by the American Society for Microbiology for the year 2016. This award, named in honor of Professor Moselio Schaechter, former ASM President (also in the picture), honors an ASM member who has shown exemplary leadership and commitment towards the substantial furthering of the profession of microbiology in research, education or technology. This award was conferred to Prof. Rup Lal on June 18th in the ceremony during ASM General Meeting -ASM Microbe 2016 , at Boston, Massachusetts. (see some of the moments that were captured by his daughters during the ceremony).

ssociation of Microbiologists of India (AMI)

Association of Microbiologists of India (AMI) 2014 AT Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore