Dr. Gurcharan Singh


Department of Botany

Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College

University of Delhi, Delhi-7



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1.      Providing guidance to students, researchers and colleagues in the identification of plant specimens

2.      Actively involved with the technical editing of English translation of some volumes of Flora USSR published by Amerind Publishers, New Delhi.

3.      Appointed as Technical editor of English translation of 11 Volume Russian work as ‘Plants of Central Asia’ undertaken by Oxford and IBH Publishing Co. Ltd., New Delhi.

4.      Appointed as Technical editor of English translation of 14 Volume Russian work as ‘Flora of Siberia’ undertaken by Science Publishers Inc, USA.

5.      Reviewed for publication for Macmillan India Publishing Co. the book ‘An aid to International Code of Botanical Nomenclature’.

6.      Developed visual computer software programs for Admissions, Students’ record, Faculty record and salary arrears in S. G. T. B. Khalsa College. Provided guidance in implementation, maintenance and updating of software.

7.      Providing guidance in the maintenance of General Garden and Botanical Garden of the College.

8.      Providing guidance to individuals and, societies and organisations in the selection of appropriate trees for plantation.

9.      Providing expertise as Judge for various competitions organised by different Colleges.

10.  Providing advise and help to biologists on the web and participating in useful discussions. Photographs of unknown plants are frequently posted on the net by users to get professional help in identification.


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Besides performing normal academic activities, have also been involved in various other activities:

1.      Convenor, Golden Jubilee Celebrations Committee. Golden jubilee of the College was celebrated during the session 2001-02. A number of events were organised including Science festival, Commerce festival, sports festival, cultural festivals and host of other events by were societies, departments and cultural groups. Outstanding sports persons and eminent Khalsaites were honoured in various functions.

2.      Chairman Staff Association during 1996-1998 and 2002-03. Efforts were instrumental in starting tea-club for teaching staff, renovation of Staff room and other improvements in the College.

3.      Convenor Science Admissions Committee during 1999-2000.

4.      Convenor  Admission Committee during 2000-2001 and 2001-2002.

5.      Member Sports Board for last 25 years. Actively involved in sports activities and incharge of games such as Football, Athletics and Swimming.

6.      Convenor of Botany Department during 1978-1980 and 1994-96. Convenor of various subcommittees of the Department from time to time.

7.      Member of various committees constituted by the Staff council from time to time: Proctorial board, Examination Committee, Students Union advisory Committee, Garden Committee, Admission Committee.

8.      Convenor Garden committee for several years. Provided guidance in the maintenance of garden, participation in Flower show competitions where the College won many prizes.

9.      Convenor purchase Committee during 1995-1997.

10.  President S. G. T. B. Employees Co-operative Thrift and Credit Society for two years.

11.  Convenor, Students’ Union advisory Board during 1998-99.

12.  Member of BCA Co-ordination Committee.

13.  Developed visual software program for College Admissions. College admissions in Biology courses in 1998 and all courses since 1999 have been done based on this program. In 2004 the program was integrated with the ICR data of the Delhi University.

14.  Developed visual software program for Students record and Faculty record. Complete record of information concerning students and teaching faculty is maintained as database. Continuously providing guidance for maintenance, implementation and upgrading of these software programs.

15.  Developed visual software program for calculation of arrears for teaching staff. Provided guidance in preparation of arrears, salary fixation and various reports sent to UGC from time to time.

16.  Developed software for salary tax calculation and involved with supervision of tax calculations, preparation of FORM-16 and FORM-24 for last several years.

17.  Convenor Web Committee to manage the College portal http://www.khalsacollegedu.com which has been launched by the College in May 2002 with technical support from IYCWorld.

18. Bursar of the College since March 12, 2005.

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