Courses Taught

Chemistry fo life processes

1. Introduction to metabolic processes
2. Carbohydrate metabolism
3. Fatty Acid Metabolism
4. Protein metabolism and disorder
5. Proteins (Structure and functions)
6. Nucleic Acids (Structure and functions)

Nucleic acids and Carbohydrates

1. Nucleic Acid: Secondary structure of DNA and RNA, Stabilizing forces, multistranded DNA structures, DNA sequencing and Chemical Synthesis, Recombinant DNA Technology
2. Carbohydrates: Naturally occurring sugars, Polysaccharides of industrial and biological importance, Cell-Cell recognition and blood group substances

Proteins and Lipids

Organic Stereochemistry

1. Molecular symmetry and chirality
2. Stereoisomerism
3. Topicity and prostereisomerism
4. Cyclostereoisomerism
5. Asymmetric induction
6. Molecular disymmetry and chiroptical properties

Study of reactive intermediates

1. Linear free energy relationships
2. Carbocations : classical and non-classical
3. Carbanions: Generation, Structure, Stability and reactions
4. Radicals: Generation, Structure, Stability and reactions
5. Carbenes: Formation and structure, reactions involving carbenes and carbenoids
6. Nitrenes: Generation, structure and reaction of nitrenes
7. Nucleophilic aromatic substitution: Benzynes, SNAr and SRN1 mechanisms, Ipso effect

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