Research Projects

S.No. Title of Project Funding Agency Year Cost
1. Scheme to strengthen R & D Doctoral Research Program University of Delhi, Delhi. 2010-11 Rs 2,50,000
2. DNA-Protein Interactions: Exploring the Sequence and Structure Specificity DU / DST PURSE grant 2009-11 Rs 9,50,000
3. Ligand-DNA interactions University of Delhi, Delhi.
(U.G.C.), Minor research Project
2004 Rs 60,000
4. Physicochemical and biochemical investigation of Highly Stable Pyrimidine and Purine Motif DNA triple helical structure Department of Science and Technology (D.S.T.), Gov. of India 2004-07 Rs 18,00,000
5. Biophysical and Biochemical Investigations of the Polymorphic DNA Sequences Present in the Regulatory Regions of the β-Globin Gene Cluster Department of Biotechnology (D.B.T.), Govt. of India 2004-07 Rs 30,00,000
6. Multi-stranded DNA Recognition: Use of Synthetic ligands University Grants Commission (U.G.C.), Major research Project 2002-05 Rs 4,29, 600
7. Grant for spares (Microcuvettes) Third World Academy of Sciences (T.W.A.S.)    1000 US$



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