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Prof. Shobhit Mahajan

Department of Physics & Astrophysics
University of Delhi
Delhi 110007.


Homepage: people.du.ac.in/~sm/

Curriculum Vita

List of Publications

Newspaper articles etc.

Report on Issues in Higher Education In Science

Electricity, Magnetism & Electromagnetic Theory (http://www.tatamcgrawhill.com/html/9781259004599.html)

Concepts of Modern Physics (http://www.nbcindia.com/Descriptions.asp?6v6yr_vq=FMFGJIK&Book=Concepts-of-Modern-Physics)

Research Interests

Though I started my Ph.D. in particle physics, I got interested in the newly emerging area of astroparticle physics. I have explored phase transitions in the early universe, inflation in supergravity models and baryogenesis in various papers written with many co-workers. Some years ago, I got interested in the area of gravitational lensing and how it could be used to provide some constraints on cosmological parameters. I have also been, together with some colleagues exploring the area of a viable coasting cosmology as also Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation. Exploring the various models of dark energy in the universe is another area of interest. Currently, we are using various statistical techniques and observational data to constrain cosmological parameters and dark energy models. Apart from cosmology and particle physics, I have also dabbled in traffic simulation, biological networks and modelling antibiotic resistance.



Other Interests

I have been writing in many newspapers and magazines on a variety of issues. I have also been a regular contributor to several magazines including Down To Earth and Chatterbox.

I have written more than a dozen books for young adults which have been published by Scholastic Inc. Amongst my other books, From Bugs to Blackholes has been published by Penguin Books. The Story of Technology and Story of Science have been published by Ulman. (http://www.amazon.in/s/ref=sr_pg_1?rh=n%3A976389031%2Cp_27%3AShobhit+Mahajan&ie=UTF8&qid=1491652996) I have also translated several books from English to Hindi for Pratham.

I have contributed the chapter on Science & Mathematics Teaching for the forthcoming Routledge Handbook of Education in India. I have also contributed to the forthcoming edited volume on Academic Freedom as well as one on The Idea of the Public University.

I have been associated with several Voluntary Agencies in various capacities. I have been the Member Secretary of CENDIT, (a registered society which works in the field of developmental communication, www.cendit.org) . I was also the Treasurer of Dr. Arvind N. Das Foundation. I have been the Treasurer of Sampradayikta Virodhi Andolan and was among the Founding Trustees of Om Charitable Trust.

I am very interested in the visual media and have made two films. I have also been part of several panel discussions for the BBC Science Programme. (www.bbc.co.uk)