Articles and Book Reviews




o   Old Town, New Beats

o   Impromptu Vignettes

o   Pilibhit

o   Scotland of India

o   Four Lane

o   Requiem in Ramgarh

o   Heaven on Earth

o   Shiddi Dhamal

o   No Viagra Needed

o   A Cobbler in Jaipur

o   Babur Bagh

o   No Horry, No Worry

o   Dragon Kingdom

o   Pepsi in a Kulhad

o   First impressions of Godís own country


o   Necessity Spawns Invention

o   Article 370

o   Democracy Dividend

o   A requiem for the ground

o   Heritage and Progress

o   TechSavvy

o   Pig Catchers

o   The Theatre of Democracy

o   Lost in the By-lanes of tradition

o   Guru Power

o   Labour pains

o   Fish in the Time of Malaria

o   Garbage

o   Passport Travails

o   Cherubic Baby

o   Shantytowns

o   Mention Not

o   A city in transition



o   5G and its discontents

o   Majrooh: The poet who captured the times

o   The Saga of The Sticker

o   Lights, Camera, Laughs

o   Monsoon Strains of Hope and Despair

o   Sense of Touch

o   Redline

o   Roadside Blues

o   Waterboarding No More

o   This happens only in India

o   The Unbearable Freshness of Being

o   Corruption 2.0

o   Garbage

o   Gross Toilet Index

o   Hail Mr. Modi!

o   Rationality

o   Funeral

o   Thinking out of the Box

o   Ways of Seeing

o   Red tape

o   Libraries

o   Alpha Romeo

o   Congenial Neighbour

o   Retail Revolution

o   Technology Adoption

o   Nosing Around

o   A visit to the hospital

o   Pilgrimís Progress

o   Chinese Haat

o   Baazigar

o   Superstitions and Rationality

o   Private Universities: a response

o   Privatisation- a panacea?

o   The new Property tax regime

o   Survey of India

o   Public Toilets

o   Name dropping

o   Wheels of Nature

o   Rapacity of a soulless city

o   E-governance? No Thank you.





Science & Technology

o   Future Imperfect

o   Learning Deficit

o   A Race to the Bottom

o   Some Online Questions

o   Graded Confusion

o   You canít shop for Teachers

o   How to restore faculties

o   Meddling with Higher Education

o   The Fault, dear MHRD is not in the syllabus

o   What to DU

o   Choice Based Credit System- A disaster in the making

o   Higher Education, higher meddling

o   FYUP-Shaky Foundations

o   Oxymorons and Such

o   Foundation Courses

o   Some Issues in Higher Education

o   Board Examinations

o   If it Aint Broke

o   Curriculum

o   Collegiality

o   Facts

o   Hubris and Nemesis

o   The Law of Unintended Consequences

o   The Subsidisation of Higher Education: A Possible way out.

o   Is the IIT Entrance Exam a Lottery?


o   Little Green Men

o   The Moon and Us

o   A Scientist who cared

o   Covid-19: The Wolf May Never Come

o   Is a Manned Space Mission Necessary?

o   Frail Blue Dot

o   Wheat Genome

o   What Stephen Hawking didnít say

o   Stephen Hawking Diary

o   Donít expect ET to call home anytime soon

o   An Infinity Of Questions

o   Ancient Science

o   ISRO's Mars Mission

o   Deep Impact

o   Year 2047:

o   Travails of Indian Science

o   Milk drinking Ganeshas: Scientific Temper why and what?

o   The Union Budget: What is in store for Science

o   Cybercensorship: The Internet and Censorship

o   The new world view: Cosmology in the 21st century.

o   Cosmology: a birds eye view

o   Looking into the past by looking into the distant.

o   Soccer Ball molecules

o   Superstar Hawking

o   Holograms: Images of the Future

o   Indian Science Congress: do we need this jamboree?

o   Bomb makers as heroes

o   Vedic Mathematics

o   The story of dynamite

o   Science writing in India: a non-existent entity.

o   Quantum Computing: The Next Technological Revolution?

o   Bowing to the great mind.

o   Future Shock: Robots in the Next Millennium

o   US Sanctions: whom do they worry?

o   Solar Cells

o   Anti-Scientific Socialism?

o   The next millennia: what does technology hold in store?

o   Y2K: what the hell is it?

o   Science For Children











o   Spirit in His Genes

o   M-Theory in Two Nutshells

o   Leap into Our Branches

o   Gloriously Sinful are Our Ways

o   His Life, and Rocket Science

o   Like The Memory of Yambo

o   The Stars have cast light

o   Did Marie Curie Love Pink?

o   Behind the Golden Boughs

o   A Mercurial Orbit laid to rest by a Genius

o   Blue Trousers & a Heavy Payload

o   A Man of Science, but with No Art of Storytelling

o   Finding Zero

o   K.S. Krishnan

o   Science for Children

o   The Mimic Minds

o   Making of the Indian Bomb

o   Vigyan-Children's Science in Hindi

o   India's Atomic Energy Program

o   Guns,Germs & Steel

o   Science & Imagination of Modern India

o   Ignited Minds

o   India 2020

o   J.C.Bose

o   Mind, Matter & Mystery

o   Science Dictionary

o   Science is..

o   Sniper

o   The Joy of Science

o   Bharat ki Chaap

o   Popular Science

o   Encylopaedia of Indian Scientists

o   Cambridge Dictionary of Scientists

o   The Web of Life

o   Truth & Beauty

o   Turbulence

o   Computers for the Young

o   Philately

o   Call of the Ocean

o   Complexity

o   Crisis in European Science

o   World Energy

o   Feynman's Lost Lecture

o   Third World Energy

o   Fuzzy Logic

o   GAIA

o   Ghost in the Atom

o   The Golem

o   Advances in Graviation & Cosmology

o   A Life in Science

o   India Invented

o   Innumeracy

o   Seven Wonders of the Cosmos

o   The Business of Drugs

o   No Ugly Scars

o   People's Health in People's Hands


o   Ills & Pills

o   Parasitology

o   Toxicology

o   Pharmacology

o   Yog Sutras

o   Science Experiments for the Young

o   Science Fair Projects

o   What If?

o   Incredible Earth

o   Game of Eclipses

o   Trees: An Ecology Book

o   Little Toys

o   My Journey to the Magnetic North Pole

o   The Voyage of Trishna

o   Chemical Elements

o   Narcotics

o   It Happened Tomorrow

o   Space Today

o   You & Your Health

o   CSIR Golden Jubilee Series

o   Nature of Space & Time

o   The Ways of Weather

o   Robotics

o   Wind Energy

o   Science & Scientists

o   Preservation of Art Objects

o   Predicting the Future

o   QED

o   The Breakthrough

o   QED: The Jewel of Physics

o   What is Reality

o   The Quantum Self

o   1000 Medical Quiz

o   1000 Asronomy Quiz

o   Riddles in your Teacup

o   The Man Who Knew Infinity

o   Nonsense in Indian Science

o   Leaf Life

o   Trash

o   Ethics of Human Cloning

o   Third Culture

o   Blackholes & Timewarps

o   About Time

o   Universe Down to Earth

o   Chandra

o   Domesticating Modern Science

o   Voyages through Time

o   Chandrasekhar and his Limit

o   Dialogues with Joseph Needham

o   Many Phases of Matter

o   Challenge of Aids

o   Cancer

o   Endangered Animals

o   Science Communication & Development

o   Between Quantum & Cosmos

o   The End: Year 2287

o   End