Vikas Madan

Snail Mail

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
Shri Ram College of Commerce
University of Delhi
Delhi - 110085 INDIA

E-Mail (primary) (rarely checked)

Tel: +91-11-2766-7905

Cell: +91-11-098993-23136

Email Usage

  • About My Response
  • I am sorry to state that I do not check my email on a regular basis and therefore take time in responding to my mails. You are requested to give me sufficient time to repond back to your emails.

    In case of urgency, kindly feel free to contact me at my cell.

    As I do not pick up my cell during classes, you can also drop me a message.

    Please make sure that your mail does not reach the spam folder. I have seen it happening sometimes even with the mails that were not spams.

    In case your mail has accidently reached in the spam folder and got deleted on its own, before my checking those, I may not be aware of receiving those. kindly give me a message on my cell to check it or respond back in case I have not replied back for a considerable period of time.