Biliana Müller joined the Department of Slavonic and Finnougrian Studies /DSFU/ at the Unviersity of Delhi in February 2009 and worked at the Department as Associate Professor till the end of the academic year 2012/2013.

Her teaching duties included teaching Indo-European linguistics with focus on the relationship between Sanskrit and the Slavic languages. As a member of the academic board, she also participated actively in administrative issues, helped develop academic programs, lecture series, workshops and international conferences, and supervised students’ research at graduate and postgraduate level.

During this period, the University of Delhi inaugurated the semester system of examination. As a member of the academic staff professor Müller was actively involved in the process of adapting the syllabus, examination papers and teaching materials.

She was also an active member of the organising body of two conferences staged by the Department, that were significant for its international activities. The first in 2012 commemorated 65 years of Russian language teaching in the University of Delhi and drew over 300 participating scholars from all over the world. The second conference "Revisiting East and Central Europe and Russia: Society and Culture '20 years' after" took place in March 2013. Biliana Müller was an active organising member in both conferences and took part in fund-raising, speaker selection, conceptualisation of panels, publication of abstracts and the final edition the conference proceedings.