Research Interests

1. Evolutionary Algorithms
2. Data Mining
3. Parallel Computing

Ph.D Dissertations Supervised

1. Shikha Gupta. 2017. Community Detection in Social Network: A Quantum-inspired Approach .

2. Manoj Agarwal. 2014. Multi Robot Coalition Formation in Multiobjective Perspective.

3. Anamika R. Gupta. 2012. Lattice based Rule Mining. (jointly with Prof. Vasudha Bhatnagar, University of Delhi)

4. Charu Puri. 2011. Objective Function based Fuzzy Subspace Clustering.

5. Arpita Agarwal. Evaluation of Adaptive Hypermedia Systems.

6. Ahmed Sultan. 2005. On Quantification of Novelty in Knowledge Discovery Process. (jointly with Prof. Vasudha Bhatnagar, University of Delhi)

Current Ph.D students

1. Indranath Chatterjee. Identification of Brain Region Affected by Schizophrenia.

2. Sonia. Discovery and Evaluation of Process Models from Event Log.

3. Himani Sharma. Design and Evaluation of Steganographic Models. (jointly with Prof. R.K. Sharma, I.I.T., Delhi)

4. Sheetal Taneja, Just Joined, doing CourseWork and exploring research area.

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