Nirmalangshu Mukherji



Distinguished Fellow, Institute of Advanced Study, Durham University, 2009

Visiting Professor, Maison des Sciences de L’Homme, Paris, 2008

Chair, Department of Philosophy, Delhi University, 2006-7

Visiting Professor (Directeur d’Etudes), Maison des Sciences de L'Homme, Paris, Summer 2003

Visiting Faculty, Jadavpur University, March 2002

Visiting Professor (Directeur d’Etudes Associe), Maison des Sciences de L'Homme, Paris, Autumn 2000

Professor & Chair, Philosophy & Comparative Religion, Viswa Bharati, ‘98-9

Fellow, IIAS, Shimla, September 1997 - September 1998

Visiting Scholar, IIAS, Shimla, August 1996

Visiting Professor, University of Waterloo, Summer 1993

Visiting Professor, IIT, Kanpur, August-December 1992

Fellow, IIAS, Shimla, October 1987-December 1988


Philosophia; Dialogue; Philosophical Psychology; Dibner project for History of Science and Philosophy, MIT, USA;

Indo-French Program; Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research; Indian Social Science Review; Indian National Science Academy;

Centre of Advanced Study in Philosophy, Jadavpur University; Oxford University Press, New Delhi.


Expert committee, Centre for Philosophical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, 1999;
Expert committee, UGC Panel for Philosophy, Eastern Zone, 1999;

National Advisory Board, Indian Educational Review, NCERT, 2005-;

Advisory Board, International Research Division & Policy Division, NCERT, New Delhi, 2005-; Indian Council of Philosophical Research, 2006-;

General Programme Committee, International Congress on Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, Beijing 2007;

Speaker Selection Committee on Linguistics and Cognitive Science, International Congress on Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, Beijing 2007.


Last updated December 2008