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1.   “The moment of global support”, Socialist Alliance, 30 September 2001.

2.      “Equal victims”, South Asian Citizens Wire (SACW), 5 October, 2001.

3.      “Offers of peace”, SACW, 17 October, 2001. Discussed in Edward S. Herman & D. Petersen, "Who Terrorizes Whom?",, October 2001.

4.      “Ways of nation-making”, SACW, 23 October, 2001.

5.      “A Parliament adjourned”, Economic and Political Weekly, Volume 36, No. 52, 29 December 2001.

6.      “Manufacturing peace”, SACW, 3 January 2002.

7.      “Gujrat and the world order”, Znet, 12 June 2002.

8.      “Rage”, SACW, April 17, 2003.

9.      “Just the facts”, Kashmir Images, November 2003.

10.  “Teachers and war on terrorism”, Economic and Political Weekly, Volume 38, No. 43, 25 October, 2003.

11.  “Who attacked Parliament”, Revolutionary Democracy, Vol. 10, No.2, 2004.

12.  “The media and December 13”, Znet, 30 September 2004.

13.  “2004 elections and after”, Revolutionary Democracy, Vol. 10, No.2, 2004.

14.  “Beyond the courts: incredible features in the case of the attack on India's Parliament”, Znet, 25 October 2004.

15.  “Let facts speak”, SACW, 21 February 2005.

16.  “New turn in the parliament attack case”, Znet, 26 February 2005.

17.  “On December 13: Terror over Democracy, book-interview with Znet”, 5 April, 2005. Repeated in MLL, 10 April, SACW, 11 April etc. Printed version in Milli Gazatte, May 2005.

18.  “A very special police”, Znet, 29 June 2005.

19.  “Should Mohammad Afzal die?”, Economic and Political Weekly, 17 September, 2005.
Reprinted in  Dec 13: A Reader, Penguin 2006,,

20.  “Last chance to know what really happened”, Economic and Political Weekly, 7-13 October, 2006. Reprinted in Dec 13: A Reader, Penguin 2006,

21.  “Revisiting the Kashmir Issue”, Znet, 13 April, 2007,

Also, Revolutionary Democracy, April 2007.

  22. “A recipe for blackmail”, Revolutionary Democracy, September 2007.


December 13: Terror over Democracy.
oreward Essay “Manipulation of Fear” by Noam Chomsky. Bibliophile South Asia, New Delhi. 2005.

We cannot underestimate … the cynicism of centers of power in pursuit of their own often despicable ends. It is within this context that we should … consider … the detailed investigation carried out in this important and careful study. And it is within the same context, I think, that the people of India should respond constructively to the call for a serious parliamentary inquiry into what actually happened and its roots. – NOAM CHOMSKY

The terrorist attack on Indian Parliament on 13 December 2001 posed a test-case for Indian democracy. This book tells the story of how civil institutions in India – the media, the police, the political executive and the judiciary – failed the test. As a result, the question ‘who attacked Parliament’ remained unanswered, and the human rights of the accused were seriously violated. The following issues, among others, are examined in detail:

·          complicity between the media and the police

·          actions of the NDA government in promoting fear and prejudice

·          largescale fabrication and concoction by the investigating agency

·          biased trial and judgment in the POTA court and ‘balancing act’ of the High Court

The discussion is supported with extensive documentation from newspaper reports, judicial statements, public statements, and some important but little-known literature on the subject published earlier. Most of these are included in the Annexures.

The book ends with a strong appeal for a comprehensive parliamentary inquiry.

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