Dr. Sunil Kumar Muttoo
Department of Computer Science
University of Delhi

About Me

Dr. Sunil Kumar Muttoo is Professor in the Department of Computer Science, University of Delhi. He has done B.Sc. Gp 'A' in 1974, M.Sc.(Mathematics) in 1976, M.Phil. Mathematics in 1978, Ph.D. (Coding Theory) in 1982 from Delhi University and M.Tech. (Computer Science and Data Processing) in 1990 from IIT Kharagpur. He works in the field of Coding Theory, Cryptography, Steganography and Digital Watermarking. He has more than Ten years Teaching Experience in Colleges at Under Graduate Level and more than Twenty Five years Teaching Experience in Department of Computer Science at Post Graduate and Doctorate Level.

Degree University Year of Award Topic of Dissertation
M.Sc. Mathematics University of Delhi 1976 ---
M.Phil. Mathematics University of Delhi 1978 A Study of Extreme Point Programming Problem
Ph.D. Coding Theory University of Delhi 1982 A Study of Bounds on Codes Dealing with Closed Loop Burst Errors.
M.Tech. CSDP IIT Kharagpur 1990 Network Based Project Planning

Administrative Tasks

  • Member of CBCS Committee for Computer Science (Curriculum Development).
  • Chairman, Sankalan(Annual IT Fest of the Department)
  • Head of the Department from 22.10.1999 to 20.10.2002
  • Officiating Head of the Department from 09.11.1998 to 13.11.1998, 28.12.1998 to 07.01.1999, 01.06.2004 to 04.06.2004, 06.01.2007 to 12.01.2007, October 2014 to October 2016.


  • Recipient of Research Fellowship for Ph.D. From ISRO, India..
  • Recipient of Research Grant from UGC, India.
  • Recipient of Fellowship for M.Tech from DOE, India.
  • Recipient of Vice Chancellor's Research Grant Since 2007.


  • Life Member of Computer Scoceity of India.
  • Member of ACM.
  • Life Member of Cryptographic Society of India.
  • Member of University Court.
  • Member of Faculty of Mathematical Sciences.
  • Member of Examination Disciplinary Committee (North & south Campus) for the year 2015-2016.