Thesis title - Testability Measures for Object-oriented Software Testing

Supervisors - Prof. S.K. Wasan (Dept. of Mathematics, Jamia Millia Islamia) and Dr. S.C. Gupta, Deputy Director, NIC, Delhi

Testable software is one that can be tested easily and systematically. Testable software need to possess two characteristics i.e. observability and controllability. Incorporation of testability measures i.e. observability measures and controllability measures in the software results in creation of testable software. Observability measures are provisions made in the software, which enable the tester to observe the internal behavior of the software to the required degree of detail. Controllability measures are provisions in the software, which facilitate creation of difficult-to-create states for the execution of state specific tests. In this thesis, we have developed testability measures i.e. observability measures and controllability measures, to be incorporated in object-oriented software. Incorporation of testability measures in software is a well-planned activity. Testability measures required during the testing of software is planned during the design phase and implemented during the coding phase of software development.


Software Engineering, Software Testing and Testability, Web Services, Web 2.0, Cloud Computing, Education Management, e-learning


Degree Awarded

  • Mutum Zico Meetei, Testing of Aspect-Oriented Software, Oct 2011 from Jamia Millia Islamia. (Supervisors: Prof. S.K. Wasan and Dr. Anita Goel)

Ongoing Research Students registered in University of Delhi

  • Karan Gupta in Testability and Visualization of Web Applications registered in Nov. 2008
  • Ruchika in Web Services registered in Feb. 2010
  • Pragya Jain in Cloud Computing registered in April 2011
  • Aparna Datt in Cloud Computing registered in April 2011


  • Rupali Ahuja in Testing in Aspect-Oriented Software, Madurai Kamaraj University, Jan 2008.
  • Neeraj Saxena in Monitoring of Distributed Software, Madurai Kamaraj University, Jan 2008.
  • Urmil Bharti in Control Methods for Controllability in Object-Oriented Software, Madurai Kamaraj University, Jan 2008.

M. Tech PROJECTS (as External Guide)

  • J. Jayakumar, Featherweight Virtual Machines and Its Applications, Minor Project, M.Tech (Comp. Sc.), Dec 2011.
  • Ankit, Kaustubh, Nikhil, Nishank, Test Log Creator and Visualizer for Java, Major Project, B.Tech (Comp. Sc.), May 2009.
  • Madhusudhan Pitta, Automated Unit Testing Tool for Object-Oriented Software, M. Tech (Comp Sc) CDAC Noida, GGSIP University, Delhi, May 2004.


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