RESEARCH PROJECTS (Total Funding about 1.15 crore)

  • Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi
    Title of Project – Larval orientation and feeding responses of Helicoverpa armigera
    determining Susceptibility/resistance of Pigeonpea genotypes.
    (Ref. SP/SO/C-12/97)
  • Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi
    Title of Project: Development of insects as bioreactors for Protein synthesis
    ( BT/PR/3367/MED/14/449/2002)
  • Department of Science and Technology, New delhi
    Title of Project: Orientation of Cotesia plutellae to different food sources and their
    effects on longevity, parasitisation, and flight activity of adult parasitoid.
    ( Ref SR/SO/AS/2010)
  • University Grants Commission
    Title of Project: Biological Activity of certain plants against Helicoverpa armigera.
    (Ref. F. No. 41-185/2012 (SR)
  • Title: Formulation of artificial diet for rearing of green stink bug nezara viridula (l.),
    and study the effect of neem kernel extracts on its feeding behaviour (2007-08)
    ( DST/Purse grant. Ref. Dean (R)/ R & D/ 2007/73)
  • Title: Effect of temperature and food on longevity and parasitization of larval
    parasitoid cotesia plutellae (hymenoptera:braconidae) (2008-09)
    ( DST/Purse grant Ref. Dean (R)/R & D/2008/230)
  • Title: Ovipositional responses of Spodoptera litura (fabricius) in relation to its age, diurnal cycle, plant and non-plant surfaces (2009 - 10)
    (DST/Purse grant Ref. Dean (R) / R & D /2009/487)
  • Title: Behavioural and physiological responses of Spilosoma obliqua larvae to crude extracts of Melia azedarach (l.) (2010-11)
    (DST/Purse grant Ref. No. Dean(R)/ R&D/2010/1311)
  • Title: Growth inhibitory and antifeedant activity of certain indigenous plants against Helicoverpa armigera. (2011-12)
    (DST/Purse grant Ref. No. Dean (R)/ R & D/2011/423)
  • Title: Effect of certain botanicals on development, survival and reproduction of Lipaphis erysimi and Aphis craccivora (2012-13)
    (DST/Purse grant Ref. Dean (R)/ R & D/2012/917)
  • Title: Antifeedant and toxic effects of Lantana camara extracts on Plutella xylostella
    (Lepidoptera:Plutellidae) (2013-14). Ref. DRCH/R&D/2013-14/4155)