About Me


My laboratory in the Department of Zoology at University of Delhi in involved in research in the field of Chromatin Biology and Epigenetics; Inflammation, signal transduction and Cancer; and Liver regeneration. Our group is involved in purification and characterization of a novel SWI/SNF family of ATP-dependent chromatin remodeler from chicken liver. This remodeler in ATP-dependent manner alters the structure of translationally and rotationally phased mononucleosomes. It also induces in ATP-dependent manner the movement of histone octamers in cis and trans on DNA template. We have also identified, purified and characterized a novel H3-specific protease that specifically cleaves N-terminal portion of histone H3, thereby removing epigenetic marks present on it. Recently, we have established a model of liver regeneration (followed by surgical resection of liver, and also followed by drug- induced liver-damage) in mouse, and are trying to study epigenetic regulation of the process of regeneration. The method used will involve ChiP-on-CHIP or Chip-Seq. We are focusing on the epigenetics marks, such as, H3K4Me and H3K9Me, H3K4Ac, H3K27Me, and H4K20Me. Third area of research that our group is pursuing is that the linkage between inflammation and cancer. We have established an inflammatory model system in mouse which is known as CLP (cecum ligation and puncture) system, which establishes a polymicrobial inflammatory response. Using this system, we are studying the changes in the oscillatory response of the key inflammatory transcription factor, nuclear factor kappa B (NF-kB).

Through my continued collaborations with University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, USA, we have established the proof of concept as anti-inflammatory properties for a series of phytochemicals derived from plants and spices documented in Indian Traditional Medicines. These molecules have very high potential to acts as anti-cancer molecules and can be used in prevention and treatment of Cancer.


1. President of Association of Teachers in Biological Sciences

2. Fellow of National Academy of Sciences, Allahabad

3. Swiss National Science Foundation Fellowship

4. Asian Molecular Biology Organization Fellowship

5. Clayton Foundation Fellowship

Important Publications:

    1. MacDonald, N., Kuhl, D., Maguire, D., Naf, D., Gallant, P., Goswamy, A., Hug, H., Bueler, H., Chaturvedi, M., de la Fuente, J., Ruffner, H., Meyer, F. and Weissmann, C. (1990). Different pathways mediate virus inducibility of the human IFN-a1 and IFN -ß genes. Cell: 60, 767-779.

    2. Kuhl, D., de la Fuente, J., Chaturvedi, M., Parimoo, S., Ryals, J., Meyer, F. and Weissmann, C. (1987). Reversible silencing of enhancers by sequences derived from the human IFN-alpha1 promoter. Cell:50, 1057-1069.

Educational Qualifications

Degree Year Institution
Ph.D. 1984 Banaras Hindu University
PG 1978 Banaras Hindu University
UG 1976 Banaras Hindu University