• 2010-11: DST PURSE Project to University of Delhi “Development of in vivo system for studying inflammation: mechanism of oscillatory response of the key regulator, the Nuclear factor kappa B” for Rs. 40 Lakhs.
  • 2004-08: DST sponsored project on “Biochemical and physiological characterization of a novel histone H3-specific protease from chicken/mouse liver” for 21.54 lakhs.
  • 2001-04: UGC project on “Analysis of chromatin structure and gene expression: Role of chromatin Remodelling factors” (for Rs. 700,000) as Principal Investigator.
  • 2001-04: DBT project on “Expression of neuron-specific genes and proteins and their role in development and aging of the brain of mice” (for Rs. 1,500,000) as Co-investigator (PI-Prof. M.S. Kanungo, BHU).
  • 1995-98: UGC project on “Analysis of chromatin conformation and gene expression during aging-Role of histone H1” (for Rs. 235,000/-) as Principal Investigator.
  • 1995-99: AICTE project on “Mechanism of LPS-induced failure of blastocyst implantation and identification, cloning and characterization of sperm specific antigens involved in fertility regulation” (for Rs. 800,000/-) as Co- Principal Investigator (PI- Dr. Y.K. Jaiswal, Jiwaji Univ., Gwalior).
  • 1989-93: CSIR project on “Factors affecting chromatin conformation and function during aging of rat” (for Rs. 430,000/-) as Principal Investigator.
  • 1990-93: DST project on “Studies on the molecular mechanism of aging in the rat” (for Rs. 760,000/-) as Co- Principal Investigator (PI-Prof. M.S. Kanungo, BHU).
  • 1986-90: PL-480 project on “Effect of aging on egg production in avian species”(for Rs. 2,250,000/-) as Co-Principal Investigator (PI-Prof. M.S. Kanungo, BHU).