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Research Interests

Thin Films and Nanotechnology
Semiconductor Physics and Devices
Dielectric and Electrical Properties of Materials
Ferroelectric Ceramics for oceanography, biomedical and consumer electronics etc and other various applications.
Thin and Thick Film Devices
Synthesis and characterization of PZT ceramics and lead titanate based thin films.
Processing and characterization of nano-materials and devices based there of.
Conducting Polymers and their Solar Cells
Quantum Dots
Synthesis and Characterization of PZT Ceramics and Lead Titanate based Thin Films derived
Synthesis and Characterization Of Magnetic Nanoparticles For Use In Hyperthermia For Cancer Treatment
Synthesis and Characterization Of Solution-Processed Reduced Graphene Oxide Films As Transparent Electrode Material For Organic Solar Cell and sensor Applications.
Gas sensors based on ceramics and polymers.