Graduate students

Nisha Bala "Annealing effects on the optical and magnetic properties of metal-oxide semiconductors"
Vineeta Singh "Optical spectroscopy of two-dimensional transition-metal chalcogenide films"
Rakesh Pandey "Growth and characterization of GaSb films "


  1. Bhaskar Kanseri, PhD 2010,Thesis title:Experimental Study of Coherence and Polarization Properties of Optical Fields (presently Assist. Prof. at IIT, Delhi)
  2. co-supervisor: Dr H C Kandpal of National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, India
  3. K Vijayarangamuthu, PhD 2012; Thesis title:Optical properties of low-dimensional semiconductors (post-doc at University of Ulsan, Korea)
  4. NeetiTripathi PhD 2013 Thesis title:Structural, Optcal and Electrical Properties of metal-oxide semiconductors and ion-induced modifications (post-doc at AIST, Osaka, Japan)
  5. Chaman Singh PhD 2014, Thesis title:Optical properties of Zn (In) oxide semiconductor thin films and nanostructures (Scientist, Central Water and Power Resources Station,Pune)

Masters' Projects:

  1. Dheeraj Chandwani,2011, Determination of the bandgap and optical costants of semiconductors using spectroscopic techniques
  2. Nishant Shankawar,2012, Fabrication of Schottky diodes and determination of their IV characteristics,
  3. Subrata Pal, 2012
  4. Shruti Srivastava, 2011
  5. Kritika Ghosh, 2017, Synthesis and optical response of gold nanoparticles,
  6. Richa Sharma,Summer Project, 2016, Detection of Radiation in Silicon Detectors,
  7. Shakshi Jain,Summer Project, 2016, Radiation detection using Silicon detectors