Sponsored Research Projects

  1. Utilization of Ion Accelerators for studying radiation damage in semiconductors and insulators, 2011-2016,, International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna (Chief Scientific Investigator)
  2. Synthesis & characterization of metal, metal-oxide, and polymeric substrates for detection of nitroaromatic compounds, 2010-2012, Defence Research & Development Organisation, India
  3. Nanocrystalline porous silicon for optical biosensing, 2008-2011, University Grants Commission, India (Principal Investigator)
  4. Swift heavy ion modification of In2O3 films, 2008-2011, Inter-University Accelerator Centre,India (Principal Investigator)
  5. Nanomaterials Research and Optical Metrology, 2007-08,08-09,09-10,10-11,12-13, R &D Grant, University of Delhi, India (Principal Investigator)
  6. Investigation of Magnetic,Optical, & electrical, Properties of Nanomaterials, 2009-2012 Dept. of Science & Technology, India (Co-Investigator)
  7. A Raman spectroscopic metrology for non-invasive evaluation of silicon-germanium alloys, 2002-2005 Dept. of Science & Technology, India (Principal Investigator)